30–Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We are committed to keeping your business powered and running smoothly. But if you aren't completely satisfied with our services within the first 30 days, we'll refund your money.


Guarantee applies only to Monthly Service Fees for new Spectrum Business customers. To be considered a new Spectrum Business customer, customer must not have subscribed to a particular Spectrum Business service within the previous 90 days and customer must have no outstanding obligations to Spectrum.

Current customers adding a new level of subscription service qualify to receive a refund or credit only on those newly added services. Refunds and credits will be issued for the newly added subscription services only. Installation fees will not be refunded.

Refunds and credits are for coaxial-based services only. There will be no refunds or credits issued for construction costs, and shall not apply to fiber-based services, bulk-services (e.g. hotels, hospitals, dorms, etc), or multiple dwelling unit customers or any customers with one-time charges greater than standard installation (i.e. construction costs for customers requiring a custom build-out).

Refunds and credits are available only to customers who have paid for their first month of Monthly Service Fees for their new or upgraded Services, hardware purchased or leased and installation.

In no event shall the refund or credit exceed $500. Only 30 days of service will be refunded or credited. Spectrum reserves the right to determine on a case-by-case basis whether the applicable service may be discontinued in part or in whole (e.g. service downgrade).

Limited to one refund or credit per customer.

Spectrum will not release the refund or credit to the customer until any equipment associated with the new contract has been returned to Spectrum.

Local and state taxes will apply. Franchise fees and other fees or charges may apply. All such taxes, fees and charges are the responsibility of the customer and will not be refunded or credited.

Guarantee does not apply to any non-recurring charges and Customer is responsible for paying any non-recurring charges, including, but not limited to PPV movies or events, directory assistance, operator assistance, long distance charges or other one-time charges not included in the Monthly Service Fee.

Customer must request a refund or credit within 45 days of service installation (the Turn-Up Date). Early Termination Fees will not apply if customer has notified Spectrum of its election to terminate pursuant to this Guarantee and the applicable service(s) are disconnected within 45 days of the Turn-Up Date.

If customer continues to receive any service other than the discontinued service after requesting a refund or credit under the Guarantee, customer may lose bundle discounts on the continuing service.